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Placenta EncapSulation

I am a Placenta Specialist trained with IPEN (Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network) and member of the Placenta Remedies Network. I cover the Bristol area and offer placenta encapsulation, smoothies, homeopathic remedies, placenta tincture, essence, cream and balm. Once I have washed the placenta I always take a picture of it and text it to you so you can see how beautiful it is (it looks like a tree of life).  I also dry your baby’s umbilical cord into a heart shape for you to keep. Here is a summary of each remedy:

Having a piece of raw placenta as soon as possible after the birth of the placenta is highly beneficial. Because raw placenta is exceptionally rich in oxytocin, stem cells  and growth factors, consuming a piece immediately starts closing and healing the wound left inside the uterus, where the placenta was attached. It is therefore  extremely powerful in preventing haemorraging. It reduces post natal bleeding time and helps bring on maternal milk. If there has been any interference with the bonding time, it can help restore it as it is so rich in oxytocin.

The simplest and quickest way of doing it is to detach a tiny piece (size of your little finger nail) from the maternal side (not the side to which the cord is attached), which is very easy to do (it just comes off if you gently pull it), coat it with honey (it’s always a good idea to have some honey at the birth to give yourself a boost of energy, especially during the 2nd stage) and swallow it with water.

You can also consume it in the form of a smoothie. I can give you the recipe if you or your partner would like to prepare it yourselves. Or I can prepare it for you when i come and collect the placenta from your house. The smoothie is simply delicious (made with apple juice, organic banana and red berries, or another recipe if you prefer other fruits), and you wouldn’t know that there is a piece of placenta in it!  If you give birth at home, or if I collect your placenta from your home and I can use your blender, I only charge £10. If i can’t use your blender, I have to charge £30 because i have to buy a brand new blender as handheld blenders cannot be sterilised and therefore can only be used once.

For the capsules you have the choice between 2 options:

–The Chinese Medicine recipe (“TCM”): the placenta is first gently steamed with ginger, lemon and green chilli (green chilli is optional) before being dehydrated, powdered and put into capsules.The ancient Chinese thought that preparing it in this way makes it more absorbable (we rarely eat raw meat, do we?).They thought that the placenta is extremely nourishing, therefore very “yin”, and that slighlty warming it in this way balances the remedy by bringing some “yang” (warming and moving) qualities to the placenta, therefore making it easier to assimilate. Some people say that the TCM capsules also have a more “grounding” effect.

-The Raw Method: where you simply dehydrate it before powdering and encapsulating it. Some people prefer this method as they believe that the steaming process may damage vital hormones and nutrients.

To be honest at this stage it is difficult to know exactly which one is better, as there needs to be more proper research into it. Just go with what feels right to you.

Depending on the size of your baby’s placenta, between 100 and 180 capsules are usually made. You can take 1-3 a day for the 1st couple of months after the birth of your child. Consuming your placenta in this way is a fantastic way to replenish your levels of protein, iron, vitamins, minerals etc. This helps with your energy levels, makes you heal much quicker, reduces your bleeding time from 5-6 weeks to a few days, and helps you produce more milk. Being rich in many key hormones, it also makes the post natal hormonal transition smoother which can really support you emotionally and give you that extra boost on the days when you are feeling tired or overwelmed. Thus many people have their placenta encapsulated as a way of preventing post natal depression.


A homeopathic remedy can be prepared for your baby. It is the child’s constitutional remedy, which can help him/her for teething, colics, and at any time of change, shock, emotional upheaval, etc, and this for the rest of her/his life, which is very precious! They say that energetically it is  like a “reset” button, that takes them back to the safety and nurturing of the womb, therefore helping them to find their feet again whenever they need to. I send a sample to our homeopath who prepares the remedies and sends them to you within a week or two.

A tincture can be made for the mother, which keeps for years. This is a fantastic way to keep benefiting from your placenta once you have finished your pills. It is very helpful to rebalance our hormones and to support us emotionally, so it can be particularly helpful for periods of stress, period pains, and at the menopause. It takes 6 weeks to prepare.


Made by steeping a small piece of your fresh placenta in distilled water for 4 hours in the sunlight. We then strain it and add an equal amount of vodka. For use during times of transition, illness, stress, teething, emotional instability, or hormonal imbalance.

PLACENTA CREAM (£35 per 120ml pot)

The placenta is rich in estrogen which builds collagen in the skin and progesterone which inhibits the break down of collagen, normally leading to wrinkles as we age. Proteins from the placentas of cows and sheep are frequently used in commercially available anti-­‐aging creams, so now you have the opportunity to have a homemade skin care product made with your own placenta. A rich, unscented base cream infused with your placenta tincture used regularly can leave the skin looking fresh and smooth. Placenta cream can also be effective on dry skin conditions such as eczema. Stored well, placenta cream will retain its properties for up to 12 months.

PLACENTA BALM (£35 per 120ml pot)

Placenta remedies are particularly effective on skin problems due to its rich hormonal content. DHEA, a natural steroid pro-hormone and cortisols of the placenta can help to heal infected skin. Calendula oil infused with placenta, emulsified with beeswax and lavender essential oil is the perfect natural remedy for nappy rash and many other irritating, inflammatory skin conditions as well as non-specific itching. Balm can also be used effectively to reduce the signs of scar tissue and burns. Kept refrigerated, placenta balm will retain its healing properties for up to 12 months.

…So as you can see, there are many things we can do with a placenta, which just shows how amazing the placenta is, and how much healing it has to offer!

If you are interested you can email me with your contact details and due date and I will send you an information pack with all you need to know to decide what would suit you. Feel free to ring me, i would be delighted to answer your questions 07 845 80 40 15.

“I had such awful post natal depression with my first baby it was so painful emotionally and physically. I was so worried I'd feel the same with my second one. But I don't, I'm so happy and in love! I'm really sure placenta capsules are a big, big help! My skin is glowing and everything is healing so fast, no hot sweats, bleeding stopped within 1 week. So anyone out there who has experienced PND do look into encapsulating your placenta. Julie was brilliant, she came to collect mine very quietly. She then delivered my placenta smoothie within a few hours, and soon after posted me my capsules.” Sandhya

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