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Have you been...

  • exhausted

  • stressed

  • overwhelmed? 


If life has been too much recently and you could do with some support, I'd love to help you find your feet again. 

My name is Julie F. Decarroux, I am an experienced Shiatsu Practitioner and Resourcing Coach based in Greenbank, Bristol, UK. 


I provide a safe and nurturing space to help you:

  • let go of your stress

  • find new energy and inspiration

  • regain your confidence and direction

  • clarify what resources are available in you and around you to sustain you on your journey. 

I can support you in person or online, through 2 main modalities: 

restorative shiatsu massage 

Sessions available in Greenbank, Bristol, to help you feel: 

  • deeply rested

  • free from tension

  • calm and positive

I am a shiatsu practitioner and teacher with over 20 years' experience.

Please call me if you'd like to find out how I can support you. 



90-min coaching sessions to get you back in the driving seat

  • a special nurturing time just for you

  • feel heard and supported

  • find concrete solutions to your problems

  • move forward confidently

"I felt extremely supported, held and heard in some really difficult experiences. I'm just so grateful to have had your support over this time, really traversing the bridge from one reality into the next. What a privilege it is to know you." Hannah 

My name is Julie F. Decarroux.  I am an experienced shiatsu practitioner and resourcing coach based in Bristol, UK. I love creating a caring and supportive environment where people can take a break from the busy-ness of life, acknowledge their needs and regain clarity as to what they can do to feel better. My mission is to empower people create more happiness and resilience in their lives by helping them become aware of their resources and learn how to develop them.  Originally from France, I came to England at the age of 22 to study shiatsu and never went back!    READ MORE 

3 key ways of

resourcing yourself


“Julie is warm, kind, fun and intuitive in her treatments. She has a clarity of purpose in her work and a powerful but gentle touch which is extraordinary in its effect. I got a great deal from my work with her and have continued to benefit for a long time afterwards”. ROBERT

“I had a shiatsu treatment with Julie when I was 2 weeks overdue with my first baby... She was so calm, caring and supportive... I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an excellent therapist.” BETHAN

“I took Julie’s Building Resilience self care programme as part of the Eroles 2016 residency in the Pyrenees (…) Julie’s workshops were wonderful. Her presence alone was soothing and her approach was very empowering." SARA

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