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online resourcing coaching

Replenishing support to get back on your feet.

Have you been struggling emotionally, physically? Have you had difficulties in your relationship, with your children?

Have you been feeling anxious, lonely, frustrated, overwhelmed? 

Or maybe it's someone close to you who’s been struggling and could do with some support.


To support you and your loved ones through this challenging time, I offer 90-minute online resourcing coaching sessions:

"I felt extremely supported, held and heard in some really difficult experiences. I'm just so

grateful to have had your support over this time, really traversing the bridge from one

reality into the next. What a privilege it is to know you." Hannah 

  • A special, nurturing time dedicated to you to process and let go of your stress.

  • Regain clarity about what resources are available to you to see you through the next few months.

  • Find concrete solutions to your problems and move forward confidently.

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About me: My name is Julie F. Decarroux. I am an experienced therapist based in Bristol, UK.

For the past 20 years I have been supporting people with Shiatsu and Resourcing.

I offer 90-min online sessions, in which I hold the space for you to:      

  • Express and explore what has been difficult (physically, emotionally etc) so it can start shifting. 

  • Gain insights into your symptoms and situation by listening to what your body has to say.

  • Clarify what your needs are and what you can do to satisfy them within your present circumstances.  

For this I use 2 main modalities:

  • Clean Language: a simple yet profound counselling technique to connect mind and body.

  • Resourcing: a coaching method I created based on my 20 years experience of giving and teaching shiatsu.

Feel held and acknowledged in your difficulties.

Reconnect with the calm, centered part of yourself that knows what to you.

Gain clarity on what you can do to feel better in your life.​​


Practical Information:


An online Resourcing session costs £60 and lasts for 90 mins. We will connect via Zoom.


If you have any questions please call me on 07845 804015 or email


I look forward to supporting and empowering you.


Julie F. Decarroux, BA (Hons), FwSS


"My coaching session with Julie was phenomenal and really helped me to focus on where I need to put my energy in the coming months. I went to Julie with the hope of working out what my priorities need to be, as I have many dreams, hopes and to dos! I found the whole experience deeply moving and I felt energised, lighter and more determined by the end of our time together. Although it was on zoom it felt like it was also a physical treatment. Julie is very gentle, warm and welcoming. Her whole being listens to you and I felt heard and held. I highly recommend booking coaching with her! Thank you so much". AMY

"Being at a transitional moment in both my personal life and my career, I was looking for some support in articulating my needs, aspirations and dreams, and how to weave these together moving forward. In recent years, I have found that I often head towards burning out at work, and struggle to make time to resource myself. This tension has become a pattern, and I have wanted to address it, hoping I can figure out a way to bring more balance. Julie’s coaching offering using the Clean Language technique seemed perfect! Throughout our dedicated hour, she listened with great empathy, gently prompting but never steering, and I felt like I could voice parts of myself I often keep quiet as they don’t match the ideal of the SuperWoman that I uphold for myself. By holding the space for my multiple voices to exist, Julie allowed for a new part to become visible. I discovered I am ready to shed the over performing me and make space for another life-work coexistence. This is a BIG step! Julie then sent over a recording of our time together that I have been listening to: it’s such a wonderful reminder of the deep work and continues to reassure me that I am manifesting a new path!" ROSIE

"Thanks so much for your time. Your technique was very beautiful, warm and supportive. I felt held and safe, even though the subject we were talking about was really difficult." KATHERINE

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