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Have you been struggling with tiredness, stress, anxiety?

Are you suffering from tension, aches and pains, digestive or menstrual issues?


Shiatsu massage can be a great support when life is challenging as it can help you feel:

  • deeply rested

  • free from tension

  • calm and positive


Imagine if you could regain:

  • your strength and clarity

  • comfort and balance in your body

  • and have a moment just for yourself to recharge your batteries and let go of all stress.


"Julie is warm, kind, fun and intuitive in her treatments. She has a clarity of purpose in her work and a powerful but gentle touch which is extraordinary in its effect. I got a great deal from my work with her and have continued to benefit for a long time afterwards". Robert

Shiatsu is a powerful treatment based on the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. It uses the same meridian system and points as acupuncture, but comes in the form of a deeply relaxing massage rather than needles. 

Why with me?

  • I have over 20 years experience, including 15 years of teaching for the European Shiatsu School (in Brighton, Ireland and France)

  • I was lucky to study in a school that teaches a unique style of shiatsu, really rooted in Chinese Medicine, which means that I have the same knowledge and methodology as an acupuncturist but I use nurturing touch instead of needles, which feels deeply healing and relaxing. 

  • I also trained in Reiki and Plant Spirit Medicine, 2 beautiful forms of spiritual healing which add another deeper dimension to my work.

  • Easy on-line booking system: view my available slots and book yourself in!


"I had a shiatsu treatment with Julie when I was 2 weeks overdue with my first baby. She was so calm, caring and supportive. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an excellent therapist." Bethan


I offer shiatsu treatments from my home clinic in Greenbank, Bristol BS5 6FB

My house is located on a quiet road with free parking, just opposite the main entrance of the Greenbank Cemetary.  

The price is £60 for 1h30 ( 60-70min treatment + time to talk before and after).

To check my availability and book yourself in using my online booking system, click here.

If you would like to discuss your needs with me and find out how shiatsu can help you, call me for a free consultation on 07845 804015 or email, I would love to speak to you.

To make my shiatsu sessions as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved, I have carried out a rigorous Covid-19 risk-assessment which I regularly review.

“I have been seeing Julie for shiatsu for about 4 years. Julie is an incredibly empathetic and intuitive practitioner. I feel so nurtured during our sessions and replenished afterwards. I thoroughly recommend her.” Kate

3 key ways of

resourcing yourself


“I have found shiatsu treatments the most holistic and satisfying way of receiving emotional and physical healing. From a truly connected place Julie has guided me and soothed me into calmer and stronger places. I haven’t found a practitioner who is able to leave my body and soul feeling so deeply refreshed”. Miriam


“Julie has a healing touch. Her calming energy instantly relaxes me. She is highly perceptive and guides me towards finding a blissful sense of balance. After each session I feel reconnected and in a much clearer space to continue with my day”. Ruth

“Julie’s shiatsu massages have really helped me go through a difficult time in my life.” Jim

“I came to shiatsu with a number of physical problems. Through expert assessment and excellent treatments the core problems have been addressed and my health has been radically improved”. Paul

“Seeing Julie has caused an overall improvement in my physical and emotional wellbeing. She is a very special and gifted practitioner”. Sue

“Julie is wise and insightful and clearly has a wealth of experience. Her warmth and sensitivity immediately put you at ease and I always leave feeling deeply nourished both emotionally and physically.” Milly.

"I have been going to Julie for shiatsu since my child was tiny and found it helped me feel more deeply rested, grounded and balanced". BG

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