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Have you been struggling with nausea, exhaustion, back ache, hip pain or low moods?  Is sleep deprivation making your life difficult?

I am an experienced shiatsu practitioner specializing in maternity. I help expectant couples and parents of young children feel energized, positive and comfortable at all stages of their journey.


Shiatsu can be helpful when you are trying to conceive as it can help: 

  • replenish your batteries

  • soothe away stress

  • unravel potential fears or blockages

  • regulate your menstrual cycle

  • advise on lifestyle, diet and charting your cycle.


Receiving regular shiatsu treatments during your pregnancy can make a huge difference, especially if you have a history of miscarriages or Pelvic Girdle Instability.

  • supporting the 1st 3 months of maternity.

  • help with your mood and energy levels

  • soothing away any pains or discomfort

  • relaxation and time to connect with your baby.

  • preparing you for labour (in particular if you have been working late into your pregnancy and need help to “switch off”).

  • help with starting labour if needed

I had a shiatsu treatment with Julie when I was 2 weeks overdue with my first baby... She was so calm, caring and supportive... I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an excellent therapist.” BETHAN


I also offer a two-day private birth preparation workshop, based on hypnobirthing, active birth and acupressure massage, to help you both feel ready, connected and excited about the birth of your baby. 


Shiatsu can also help tremendously during the post-natal period:

  • process the birth

  • replenish your energy

  • emotional support

  • heal any left over discomfort contracted during pregnancy

  • smoother hormonal transition

  • Can help breastfeeding by promoting the smooth flow of milk.

I can also prepare your placenta into capsules and remedies to help you recover more quickly after birth, have a richer milk supply and enjoy higher moods and energy levels in the first few months of having your baby. 

If you have any questions on how shiatsu could support you or your partner, email me using the form below or call me on 07 845 80 40 15.

"I initially went to Julie for a shiatsu treatment after my newborn experienced a traumatic start in life. I was suffering from anxiety and back ache. She was able to relieve the tension and emotions I was holding onto at a deep level. Her self-care programme really helped me identify practical things I could do to build resilience into my life. I feel like my daily life has been radically transformed after seeing her". ANDREW


Helping you both feel well, energized and positive

even with interrupted sleep


I offer shiatsu treatments from my home clinic in Greenbank, Bristol BS5 6FB

My house is located on a quiet road with free parking, just opposite the main entrance of Greenbank Cemetary.  

The price is £50 for 1h30 ( 1 hour treatment + time to talk before and after).

To check my availability and book yourself in using my online booking system, click here.

If you would like to first discuss your needs with me and find out how shiatsu can help you, call me for a free consultation on 07845 804015 or email, I would love to speak to you. 

"Julie is such a magical shiatsu practitioner. I have been seeing her for several years now – when my body and/or spirit needs some healing, including all through pregnancy. She gives time and attention to listening as well as to touch. She has such an intuitive way of finding what your system needs and bringing energy to the right areas. It’s clear that this comes from her many years of experience as well as the knowledge and wisdom of her deep and kind soul. Whenever I see her she seems to unlock things in me that help my body and emotions to release, to let me go deeper and grow in myself. This has been particularly important throughout my pregnancy, when she has acted as my shiatsu therapist, teacher, guide and guru to motherhood! Her skills and gentle encouraging wisdom have helped me to feel empowered and confident about the journey I am embarking on. It feels like she has been gifted to me throughout this journey. I would highly recommend everyone to go and see her, whether you think you need it or not! Your body and soul will feel freer and stronger for it". CARA

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