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free mini video series

"empowered and ready for labour" 

As you're progressing through your pregnancy, you may be feeling tired, stiff and achy

and wondering how to safely get fitter and prepare your body for labour.

You may also have anxieties about losing control over your birthing process and becoming a mum.


To help you and your partner feel ready and empowered,

connected and excited about the birth of your baby

I have created a mini series of short pre and post-natal videos:

  • Feel strong and supple during pregnancy and prepare your body for labour, by learning a ten-min daily fitness routine based on yoga and Pilates.

  • Feel empowered when communicating with your caregivers so you and your partner remain in control of your birthing process.   

  • learn about the 3 choices every parent has regarding their baby's placenta and why this is important for you and your baby's health and well-being. 

  • post-natally how to feel well and still able to function even with interrupted sleep. 

Receive the help you and your partner need to feel:

  • confident in your ability to have a positive birth experience.

  • informed and empowered in your decisions. 

Thanks to these clear, short, content-rich videos.

My name is Julie F. Decarroux, from Fully Resourced. I am a shiatsu practitioner specializing in maternity, currently based in Bristol, UK. I support couples and single parents on their journey into and through parenthood. I work with pregnant women and their partner who want to feel positive, energised and comfortable during pregnancy, have a positive birth experience and feel well and supported in the first few years of having their baby. 

I look forward to helping you feel well and empowered during pregnancy

and ready for a positive birth experience. 

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