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Enjoy your family life whilst remaining connected to your sense of freedom and identity

Building Resilience

Are you the mum/dad of young children? Has life has been quite hard recently? Maybe you've been

  • exhausted for a long time

  • having difficulties in your relationship or with your children

  • desperate to have some space to reconnect with yourself!

Maybe you're a single parent and are feeling pretty overwhelmed.  

Being a parent can be so hard sometimes! As we try to juggle everything -keeping on top of the house, looking after our little ones, going to work - there is very little space left to listen to our own needs and work out what we can do to satisfy them. Over time we may start feeling low or lost and wishing we could enjoy it more. Sounds familiar? 

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To help you navigate this challenging time, and create a healthier and more solid foundation for your relationship and family,

I offer a 3-day Resourcing programme called Building Resilience. 

Imagine having 3 days without your children, dedicated to working out

what your needs are and how to satisfy them -in your own unique ways,

with the time that you've got- so you can come back to your family:

  • fully recharged and inspired

  • reconnected to your sense of identity, freedom and fulfillment

  • with more energy to play with your children

Learn some of the best techniques out there to:

  • quickly recharge your batteries on the days you haven't slept enough 

  • free up your energy when you're feeling stuck and frustrated

  • reconnect with your purpose in life

  • communicate peacefully and effectively with your partner and children.

When your needs are met, your cup is full and you can give in a much more balanced, enjoyable way. You shine, you become the independent, fulfilled man or woman that you can be, and it immediately has an effect on your relationships.

  • Your partner feels closer and more attracted to you. 

  • your ex-partner - if you are separated - will respect you more as they will feel you back in your power.

  • your children will feel calmer and happier as they feel you more patient and fully present in their company. 

"I was feeling lost, lacking control, direction and any enthusiasm. I felt totally burnt out. Julie's course taught techniques to enable me to reconnect, and draw upon the resources that surround me to focus and get back in the driving seat." BECCA


What will be covered in the course?

This unique course will take you on a journey through 5 main areas of your life, based on the 5 Elements of Chinese medicine used in Shiatsu and Acupuncture, which represent the most fundamental needs of human beings: 

1. Rest - Calm - Groundedness

2. Free Movement and expression of your life force

3. Love - Fun - Connection

4. Self-care - Nourishment - Support

5. Letting-go (grieving process) - Clear-out - Personal Space. 

Each session will provide the time and space for you to clarify your own personal ways of meeting these needs, which I call your resources, ie everything that makes you feel great, that makes you feel yourself, free and alive and work out how to reintegrate all these things back into your life. As you go on this journey you will become aware of the areas in your life that are rich and vibrant, and those that have been neglected. You will also learn very specific tools to help you create new resources so you feel more equipped to deal with the challenges of life and parenthood. 

Once the course has been completed, I will then see you individually for a 1-2-1 one-hour session in which we will recap what has come up for you: what your main resources are, and which areas are under-resourced. Together we will brainstorm what next steps you can take to revive these areas that need your attention. 

"A friend recommended me to do the course. I loved the way it was organised and structured…. Really taking the time to think about how I can look after myself was so beneficial…. The meeting afterwards was also incredibly helpful, with your clarity and advise really helping me to get an idea of what I need to do….Thank you so much.”TASHA 


Booking Information

The course is £245 per person (or £480 for couples) and includes delicious snacks and lunch, course notes, a beautiful framed resourcing poster and a 1-2-1 one hour follow-up session with me.

The workshop is limited to 8 people. and will take place in my house in Greenbank, Bristol BS5 6FB. 

If you are interested join my mailing list to receive lovely resourcing tips and be informed about the next courses. 

"I initially went to Julie for a shiatsu treatment after my newborn experienced a traumatic start in life. I was suffering from anxiety and back ache. She was able to relieve the tension and emotions I was holding onto at a a deep level. Her self-care programme really helped me identify practical things I could do to build resilience into my life. I feel like my daily life has been completely transformed after seeing her." ANDREW

Listen to Tasha who did the course 1 year ago. "I was trying to rebuild myself after 7 years of raising a child single-handedly..." Thanks to the Building Resilience Course she realised that her main need was to create some physical space for herself in her house so she could find some precious quiet time. Find out what solution she found and how it totally changed her life. (2 min video) 


And you what will you realise about yourself? What is your most fundamental need and how will you satisfy it? How will this transform your life and benefit those around you? 

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My name is Julie F. Decarroux. I am an experienced shiatsu practitioner  and resourcing coach based in Greenbank, Bristol. I specialize in maternity, and am the lucky mother of a little girl. I love seeing couples flourish when they become parents and really enjoy creating a family together. But I know from my personal experience that this journey rarely comes without its challenges. My husband and I had a very rocky time in the first year of becoming parents and we may not have made it if it wasn't for the support we received and the resourcing techniques I am sharing with you in this programme. I believe that receiving the right support in this particular time of life can have a tremendous impact on not only preventing couples from splitting up, but also in supporting the potential every family has for more enjoyment and happiness.  Helping parents be happier also has a hugely positive impact on children's well being and behaviour.


To find out more about the resourcing techniques I use in this programme, which are based on 18 years of practicing and teaching shiatsu, click here.  

Blog Recent Posts

"I discovered Julie’s course at a time when life was feeling overwhelming which was causing me a lot of anxiety and stress. I knew I needed to do something to get more control for myself but I didn’t know where to start and found even the thought of tackling this a cause for more anxiety so it felt impossible to introduce change. 

Julie delivers the ideas and subjects in this course in a very accessible way. She helped me to find a language to explain how I felt but more importantly how to treat my situation and how to recognise and deal with the triggers of my anxiety. I am finding myself referring to and exploring the tools that she teaches all the time since I attended the course and I feel confident that this will continue.

I highly recommend Building Resilience to anyone who is looking for better resources to deal with and react to life and its pressures (…) The course focuses on the whole being which is a great way to reflect on yourself (...) It was nourishment for the soul and a really positive step in the right direction to gaining perspective, self preservation and life management“ POPPY

"Fantastic weekend, really valuable and restorative, providing time and space to reflect and gain insights into my life. It  was wonderful to devote a whole weekend to exploring my resources and seeing areas that needed more support. Sharing the workshop with others and hearing their stories and ideas further enhanced the experience and learning. The food was sensational and was a real highlight – such a treat not to have to think about lunch and it felt very nourishing to receive." NATALIE

"I love Julie's approach to supporting people through the challenges of navigating busy lives. Her Resourcing course was invaluable in helping me understand how to build more rest and resilience in my everyday life. I have been going to Julie for shiatsu since my child was tiny and found it helped me feel more deeply rested, grounded and balanced." BG

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