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SUPPORT FOR COUPLES and single parents


Are you having a baby?

Congratulations! Becoming a parent is such an amazing adventure. But it can also feel daunting at times, especially when it's the first time! As the mum you may have times when you feel tired, anxious or uncomfortable. You're probably wondering how to prepare for labour so you both feel ready, excited and in this together. You and your partner may be a little worried about how it will feel once your baby has arrived, how it will affect your life and energy levels. 

To support you both on your journey I offer:


  • Feel well, energized and positive throughout pregnancy

  • prepare your body for labour

  • process the birth 

  • function well even with interrupted sleep




Learn the best of

  • hypnobirthing

  • active birth

  • acupressure massage


so you both feel ready, empowered and excited about the birth of your baby. 


  • recover more quickly post-birth

  • have a richer milk supply

  • enjoy higher mood and energy levels

so you feel physically and emotionally stronger in the first few months of having your baby.

Building Resilience for parents .jpg



A year or 2 after having had your baby, take time to: 

  • remember who you are as individuals

  • clarify how to support each other

  • keep reconnecting together as a couple


So you can both enjoy your family life whilst remaining connected to your sense of freedom and identity. 

To benefit from my services 

My name is Julie F. Decarroux. I am an experienced shiatsu practitioner  and resourcing coach based in Greenbank, Bristol. I specialize in maternity, teach ante-natal classes and work as a placenta specialist. I love seeing couples flourish when they become parents and really enjoy creating a family together. But I know from my personal experience that this journey rarely comes without its challenges. This is why I feel passionate about helping both partners go beyond their fears and find the right support so they can embrace this new stage of life with calm, joy and confidence. READ MORE 

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“I had such awful post natal depression with my first baby it was so painful emotionally and physically. I was so worried I'd feel the same with my second one. But I don't, I'm so happy and in love! I'm really sure placenta capsules are a big, big help! My skin is glowing and everything is healing so fast, no hot sweats, bleeding stopped within 1 week. So anyone out there who has experienced PND do look into encapsulating your placenta. Julie was brilliant, she came to collect mine very quietly. She then delivered my placenta smoothie within a few hours, and soon after posted me my capsules.” Sandhya 

“I had a shiatsu treatment with Julie when I was 2 weeks overdue with my first baby (…) She was so calm, caring and supportive. (…)I would wholeheartedly recommend her as an excellent therapist.” Bethan

“It was precious to have someone with such enthusiasm, sensitivity and in-depth knowledge to come to our home to prepare us for having our first baby. Julie covered such a breadth of information, all of it so fundamental, and looking back, I used so much of it!(…) Izzy

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